New Project: wppb-mod

If you’re a WordPress developer working on your own plugins, you may have come across Tom McFarlin’s WordPress Plugin Boilerplate. I used its previous iteration to start WP-Gistpen, and I’ve got another plugin or two in the works that’s also based on it. The latest version was a major upgrade, with better organization and lot of excess code removed. I like it a lot, but as WP-Gistpen got more advanced, the public/admin/includes structure became too limiting. I rearranged the Boilerplate’s folder structure, added my toolset, and registered the resulting package on Packagist.

Meet wppb-mod.

My favorite part about this is you can run composer create-project maadhaattah/wppb-mod <folder> and you have a good structure to get started. This also means we can add a script that will find/replace the Plugin Name and related strings in the files as you run the composer command, something similar to this, making the whole process of starting a new plugin super simple.

Check it out and let me know what you think!

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View From Nowhere →

While the field of survey research has oriented itself almost completely to understanding and articulating the limits of its methods, Rudder copes with Big Data’s potentially even more egregious opportunities for systematic measurement error by ignoring them. “Sometimes,” he argues, “it takes a blind algorithm to really see the data.” Significantly downplayed in this view is how the way OkCupid captures its data points is governed by the political choices and specific cultural understandings of the site’s programmers. Big Data positivism myopically regards the data passively collected by computers to be objective. But computers don’t remember anything on their own.

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Do online banner/display ads work better on people new to the Internet?

The Order of Civility ~ Remaking the University →

If universities in general, and Berkeley in particular, are going to model intellectual discourse and life for the country, it is not going to be imposing some rule of tone; it is going to be by demanding of people that they argue with reasons.

Do I know anyone who knows anything about chair ergonomics? Got a recommendation for an office chair?

WP-Gistpen 0.4.0 Released!

I finally published version 0.4.0 of WP-Gistpen late last night. I’m still figuring out the deployment process, so there continues to be short hiccups with README updating. Really annoying.

However, the MAJOR new feature of this release is the ability to include multiple Files in each Gistpen, similar to Gist. WP-Gistpen isn’t exactly like Gist just yet, but that addition makes it close enough where anyone can begin moving off of Gist. Eventually, you’ll be able to migrate your Gists into Gistpen and migration will be really easy.

The other major feature is the ACE editor, which is more effective for code than the TinyMCE editor WordPress ships with. The back-end has been restructured to support all of this, unit tests have been written for everything, and we have a very good foundation for future Gistpen development.

Check out the latest WP-Gistpen on Github or on the repository and let me know how it works for you.

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